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Rechargable Hair-absorbing Electric Clipper For Pets

  • Item No.: A-9002
  • Battery Type: lithium battery
  • Size:22*5.8*5.5cm
  • Charging Time: about 3 hours
  • Working time: about 90 minutes
  • Voltage: 5V/1000mA
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Tired of pet hair flying everywhere? Our hair absorbing electric clipper for pets tackles that problem by sucking up loose fur as you go, ensuring all hair ends up in the collection box.
  • The dog grooming clippers come with a clear hair storage box. It trims and sucks hair at the same time, collecting all the hair inside the box.
  • With 3 adjustable settings, you can easily switch between grooming different areas.
  • Featuring a smooth, rounded R-shaped stainless steel ceramic blade, it’s gentle on your pet’s skin and won’t snag or pull hair.
  • Ceramic cutter head, strong and low shock without catching hair, rechargeable and dual-purpose.
  •  The blade of the pet teddy cat shaving is sharp and not jammed, durable and non-heating.

hair absorbing electric clipper dog gromming clippers pet teddy cat shaving


Customer Support Service
  • Here whether you own a small independent store, or represent a large retail chain, you can always rely on us to deliver first-class goods and support services every time you order.
  • We can ship directly to your wareshouse, distribution center, or individual location.
  • We implement strict quality contral on all shipment before they leave our factory.
  • After-sales Service Support: In addition to basic after-sales service, we can also provide long-term after-sales service support, including product usage guidance, maintenance and repair advice, etc.
  • We can provide Factory Audits, Certification, Test Report for your import requirements.
Details You May Want To Know Before ordering

Mini Order Quantity: 1 pc

Price Term: FOB/CIF/DDP

Payment Term: Paypal,T/T bank transfer, Western Union.( 45% deposit before production, 55% balance before shipment against photos of finished product shipment.)

Production Time: About 7 days for sampling, 35-45 days for bulk order.

Delivery Method: By sea ( normally 35-45 days), by air ( normally 5-7 days), by express (normally 5-7 days).



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